"The Happiest Song Plays Last"

“Chessin-Yudin gives the play’s most passionately felt performance…” 
                                        - CityArtsRead more.


“As Elliot, Joshua Chessin-Yudin is a scrappy boy from Philly...entertaining as hell and fabulously leaned into…”
                                       - Broadway WorldRead more.


“Chessin-Yudin is a young up-and-comer who shows an intensity and commitment in the roles he's played.” 
                                      - Seattle Gay NewsRead more.



"Really, Really"

"I loved rolling my eyes at chauvinistic lax-bro Joshua Chessin-Yudin as Cooper..."
Broadway World, Read more.


"The perpetual shirtless and energetic Cooper (an impeccable Joshua Chessin-Yudin, last seen in ArtsWest's My Mañana Comes)..."
Seattle Gay News, Read more.


"...Chessin-Yudin brings an energy, physicality and immediacy to his role as Cooper that is actually–at times–frightening to watch."
Seattle Pi, Read more.

"My Mañana Comes"

compelling, and staffed with a very invested, multiethnic cast.” 
                                  - Seattle Times, Read more.


“Chessin-Yudin's Whalid was quite funny and convincing as the crass kid from Long Island.”
                                  - Broadway World, Read more.


“Chessin-Yudin brings an inimitable optimistic joviality to the stage as Whalid.”
                                  - Seattle Gay News, Read more.


"...the action makes it feel even more like the audience is looking deeply into the personal lives of these four young men who are so brilliantly portrayed."
                                 - Huffington Post, Read more.


"Each actor has several moments in which they shine, with stand-out performances by Joshua Chessin-Yudin as Whalid ... excellent throughout!"
Seattle Pi, Read more.